Vijayawada Municipal Corporation



            There are about 60 parks in Vijayawada city and the main parks to be mentioned are


1)      Rajiv Gandhi park

2)      K.L.Rao Park

3)      Dr.B.R Ambedkar & Raghavaiah park

4)      Mahatma Gandhi park

5)      G.V.S  Sastry park


All the parks were developed with minimum cost and maintained well. The Facilities provided in each park are as shown below


1) Rajiv Gandhi park        - Skating rink

                                               Mini Zoo & Aquarium

                                              Gun shooting


                                              Cups Goround

                                             Inflatable Play Item

                                             Cricket Zone

                                             Bungee Trampoline


                                             Good Garden

          Renovation of the park will be taken up shortly


2) K.L.Rao park         - Boating

                                      Swimming pool

                                      Good garden


3) Dr.B.R.Amedkar & Raghavaiah park


The main attraction of these 2 parts is the hanging bridge connecting the two parts of the park, on either side of the canal berms and the attractions are


1)      Bul bule

2)      Play Equipment


4) Mahatma Gandhi park


     This is the oldest park in the city located in I town. The park is fully crowded in the evenings .It has a zym, used by a lot of people.


5) G.V.S Sastry park


       This park is located near Satynarayanapuram old Railway station and the park is done in an innovative way. The main attraction is the skating ring used by many children in this park.